My saving tips in Gent

I have come across this link, which includes lots of interesting tips for beginners in Gent:

Beginner’s Guide for Foreigners in Ghent

This website also provides lots of tips and advice for a good stay in Gent so definitely check it out!

Beside that, here are some quick tips/place I’m noting down (for myself) in case I forget them, which might be useful for some of you:

1. Secondhand shops:

I personally recommend De Kringwinkel Open Plaats to my friends all the time. There you can find cheap and good furniture/cooking utensils/bikes/electronic devices/toys…

I bought my 2nd hand bike there with locks and lights and even though the repairing service took a bit of time, they do have very good guarantee program. Even though the bike I bought was at lower price, but as they can’t fix it, they changed another one (which was the cheapest they had at that time but still more expensive than mine) for me, free of charge.

One big plus for this shop is that they are also a social organization, which has many meaningful activities as well.

2. The Turkish area:

Sometimes, I want to find some special mushrooms which are close to what I have back at home in Vietnam or find some special spices, I will go to a Turkish shop called Halli Market. Many people may feel reluctant at first when I mention the Turkish area, but the area around Emilius Seghersplein is quite a nice area and everybody is pretty calm and sweet.

The vegs in Halli market are quite fresh and they have a nice variety for you to choose with a good price. The cashier is also very friendly and calm.

And right opposite to the shop is Max Discount and Anti Crisis, where you can find some tools/household appliances which are cheap and good for short stays (I have only used their stuffs for more than one year, which are still good, but can’t say anything for the long run as I haven’t reached it yet haha).

3. Action, Super Soldi, Kruidvat

If you are looking for kitchenettes or electronic devices but you are quite hesitating to go to the shops I mentioned above, no worries, you will find them all in the city center with Kruidvat and Super Soldi (this is my favorite shop because they have many cute little things as well). And if you go a bit further outside of the city, Action is also a good option.

4. Giveaway groups:

Sometimes, people will give away their used stuffs on Facebook in these groups:

Gift Gent

De geef van Gent

5. Ace&Tate

To be honest, it’s not completely correct when I put them in this note, which is intentionally for cheap/saving tips, but I did save tons of money on my glasses thanks to them, especially after knowing how much my flatmate had to pay for his glasses (which was nice, but according to him, it was more expensive than needed).

They have very quick service and the price is 98eur for a pair of glasses, and if you want to collect the glasses immediately, you only need to pay extra 20eur, otherwise, it will take you a few day to get them. And with your insurance fund, you can claim back 40-50eur for the glasses per year.


OK, that’s it for today! Good luck and have fun in Gent buddies 😉

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